Flaunt Your Skin With Easy To Use Laser Hair Removal Device

Get a smooth and beautiful skin at home with this IPL laser hair removal device at home. Lasts for 10 years with guaranteed results.
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999999 Intense Pulses In 0.9 seconds

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No need to replace the head
Lasts for 10 years
One time investment
Protective Glasses Included
No gel required

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When using IPL, the wavelength of 550 nm is applied to the skin and hair follicles, that is when the roots gradually start falling off from your sensitive skin due to harmless heat applied to the roots

Intense Pulse Light


Energy Wave Length



Fast Flash Light



Levels Of Intensity


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Before Use

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1 ~ 3 Times Of Use

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4 ~ 9 Times Of Use

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More Than 10 Times Of Use

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8 Levels For Different Skin Colors

It is advised to test using the first level for the first use and gradually increase the level according to your convenience. The highest level gives a faster result.
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Completely Certified For Your Complete Safety

FDA, CE, RoHS & other technical certificates to provide you quality & safety assurance
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Laser and IPL Hair Removal: FAQs

1What Does IPL stand for?
IPL stands for intense pulsed light.
2How Does IPL Work?
IPL works by emitting a beam of light that picks up the pigment of the hair. It heats up and damages the hair follicle under the skin. Repeated use of this technique over time damages the follicle to the point where the hair will no longer grow back or will grow back significantly slower.
3Can Everyone Use IPL or Home Laser Hair Removal Machines?
Your hair and skin color will determine the effectiveness of hair removal. Both types work by targeting the dark pigment of the hair: if you have very fair hair or very dark skin, the light won’t find the pigment as easily. In fact, on brown or black skin, IPL and laser can cause skin discoloration if the wrong type of machine is used. The best combinations for IPL and laser machines are fair or olive skin with dark body hair. Each at-home device will come with a guide telling you whether it can be used on your skin and hair combination.
4How Permanent is IPL and Home Laser Hair Removal?
Results vary from person to person but IPL and laser hair removal are the best solution for long term hair reduction.
5How Many Sessions of IPL Are Needed for Long Term Results?
The hair growth cycle is generally 6-8 weeks so two months of repeated use should give you the best results.
6Do I need gel with this device?
No! you do not need to apply any gel or cream on your skin. Our device is specially made to work on dry skin and promises to leave no dark spots or any kind of skin issue.
7Do I need to buy protective glasses separately?
No, you do not need to buy protective glasses separately as it is included in the package with the device
8Can I return the product incase needed?
Yes, of course, feel free to contact us for any help or return. Kindly check our return policy page for more details.